Our fantastic speakers at UFD19

With more speakers and talks than ever before, the German Umbraco festival returns for the seventh time. You can look forward to seeing these speakers at UFD19:

 Niels Hartvig

Niels Hartvig, the so-called “Chief Unicorn“, is both an enthusiastic entrepreneur and developer. He has devoted himself to the world of open source a long time ago. With Umbraco, Niels passionately contributes to open source software. Niels is known for his extravagant interludes at CodeGarden. But it certainly won't be boring having him at UFD18! Of course, Niels will be free to talk to about the latest news and information on Umbraco during the whole day of festival.

Pete Duncanson

Pete Duncanson has twenty plus years of development under his belt and has rightly earned the 1000 yard stare as a veteran developer. He runs Offroadcode with a smile in Huddersfield England with a small bunch of awesome and funny developers he likes to call friends. He’s talked at many Umbraco conferences before and loves to do so and it honoured to have been to the Code Garden retreat two years in a row. Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy. 


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Carole Rennie Logan

Carole Rennie Logan is a two-time Umbraco MVP winner and a developer at Scottish digital agency Equator. She is also the organisor of the Glasgow Umbraco meetup. Carole is very interested in the Internet of Things and how you can connect Umbraco to it. Carole is also a STEM ambassador looking to increase the confidence of young people to go after these types of careers.


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Marcel Wege

Marcel Wege is an Umbracian through and through, Marcel Wege is one of the project manager at byte5 and the CTO. He also manages one of the developing teams at byte5. He was the first German to be given the honour of being invited to CodeCabin. Marcel is very engaged with the community and has contributed to the Umbraco core. Marcel is an avid unicorn enthusiast and greatly enjoys attending community events of any kind.

Poornima Nayar

Poornima Nayar is an Indian senior dev located in Great Britain. She has been working with Umbraco for seven years and is a very active member in the community. Poornima is not only a member of the Umbraco PR team, but also a guest at many Umbraco community events. Umbraco-Festival Deutschland 2019 will be her first time as a speaker. Non-Umbraco Poornima loves her life as a mum and is a passionate singer. 


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Callum Whyte

Callum Whyte is an Umbraco MVP and Certified Master. As one of the baristas who brings you your weekly fix of UmbraCoffee (also live from UFD19!) he lives and breathes the world of Umbraco. When he’s not building excellent Umbraco solutions, Callum is busy spreading the Umbraco love. He’s an active contributor to the Umbraco Core and to many community packages, as well as a regular speaker at Umbraco meetups and conferences all over the world!


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Ismail Mayat

Ismail Mayat is a senior web developer with The Cogworks. Writing code since 1997 and working with content management tools since 2004. Ismail has been working more specifically with Umbraco since 2005. The new feather in his cap is as an Umbraco trainer, including writing and delivering the new Umbraco Examine search course based on His new area of interest is Blockchain App development on Ethereum.


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Mirko Matytschak

Mirko Matytschak is the CEO of Formfakten and has been a software dev since 1986 as well as a coach and advisor. He has made a name for himself as editor-in-chief of the System Journal. As a software architect, Mirko is responsible for planning and realising complex systems. He has been a .NET and C# developer since day one and has developed a tool for object-relational mapping, NDO (.NET Data Objects), which can be integrated into Visual Studio. Mirko has been a Umbraco certified developer since 2014.

Marcin Zajkowski

Marcin Zajkowskis Reise mit Umbraco begann bereits 2008  - heute arbeitet er für den britischen Umbraco Gold Partner The Cogworks. Als Umbraco-Trainer ist Marcin auch für die Organisation des UFD-Schwesterfestivals Umbraco Poland Festival sowie der polnischen Meetup-Gruppe verantwortlich. Marcin ist MVP und Co-Creator des beliebten YouTube-Live-Streams UmbraCoffee, bei dem er neben seinem Kollegen Callum Whyte alle Umbraco-Neuigkeiten der Woche mit der Community teilt.


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Benjamin Howarth

Benjamin Howarth is an ASPInsider and freelance ASP.NET architect & senior developer, specialising in open-source content management systems. His experience in high-scale high-performance websites has been a strength over the past 5 years, working for Tesco, FIA Formula E, Universal Music Group, and Manchester Airport Group.


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Kenneth Jacobsen

Kenneth Jacobsen hails straight from Umbraco Headquarter where he holds the title Cloud Gunsligner. His experience as a speaker includes a session on "Hyperscaling Umbraco" with fellow HQ'er Claus Jensen at Codegarden.

Damiaan Peeters

Damiaan Peeters is not only an Umbraco Certified Master, but also an MVP. This Belgian dev has specialised in doing Azure and SEO (and sometimes other) magic. At his Antwerp company Umbrace, Damiaan is a project manager.


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Jens Josefsson

Jens Josefsson is not a developer, he mainly does business stuff, works with content or creates strategies for the web and e-commerce. He is the head of Webmind, a Swedish web agency completely devoted to Umbraco and Ucommerce. Webmind is also the organiser of the uSweFest, UFD's sister festival. As a Ucommerce Power house, Jens and Webmind strive to create better ways of working with Ucommerce - like Uccelerate which Jens's session will be about.


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Henk Boelman

Henk Boelman is a Cloud Solutions Architect and Microsoft AI MVP from the Netherlands. He started out as a software developer in the late '90s and later moved on to the role of architect. He now guides organisations in their cloud adventure, with a strong focus on creating intelligent cloud solutions. He loves to share his knowledge about topics such as DevOps, Azure and Artificial Intelligence by providing training courses and he is a regular speaker at user groups and international conferences.


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Maximilian Vollendorf

Maximilian Vollendorf is the CEO of Formfaktion. In the mid-90'she became interested in not discussing the net of nets, but in actually realising web projects. Maximilian has worked as a project manager, a coach and advisor. These days, he is cooperating with design agencies often. Since his beginnings, Maximilian's focus has been the integration of web projects based on content management systems. Umbraco has been his go to CMS since 2012. Maximilian has been an Umbraco-certified developer since 2014. 


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Dennis Zille has been a dev at byte5 for many years and has been in love with Umbraco since his first Codegarden attendance. If he is not busy coding, this senior is busy as being the deputy team leader who is responsible for all team-related topics and communications.

Ramona de Wit-van Ark

Ramona de Wit-van Ark has fifteen years of experience in IT and specializes in testing. Currently, she is a Test Lead at Albert Heijn IT Online and she is eager to change the profile of a "traditional" tester to an appreciated scrum team member, who makes testing and quality a team effort. In her spare time, she runs her own foundation "Stichting Kalyani" and has done many projects for children in Sri-Lanka, schooling them in the basics of computers and English. Ramona loves to spend time with her husband and two sons, whom she adores and cherishes the most in this world.


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Linus Dahl

Linus Dahl is a UI/UX Designer, Ucommerce MVP and Microsoft Specialist at Swedish Umbraco gold partner Webmind.

When he is not shuffling pixels, he hangs out with friends, not seldom over some FIFA or a bit of good food. Linus likes to travel, preferably to big cities. His next stop is Frankfurt, Germany for UFD19!


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