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Pete Duncanson

Founder of the happy band of developers at Offroadcode


About Me

Mountain bike riding, fire loving, jack of all trades with a love of telling a good story.


About My Session

GraphQL with Umbraco

Don’t know what GraphQL is? Don’t worry you are not alone. GraphQL was created and open sourced by Facebook and its quickly becoming the new defacto method of creating APIs to free up your data and boast developer productivity. I’ll take you on a quick crash course of what GraphQL is and the problems it solves. Show you it in action on one of our client Umbraco sites and how we did it (and how you can do it too) and finally wrap up with some guidance on how to judge if it’s a good fit for you and your team.


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Laura is not only the marketing manager and content editor at UFD host byte5, but also an integral part of the festival organisation team. She takes care of the speakers, reports on the festival blog and on social media and looks after all organsiation with great attention to detail, so that everything runs smoothly at Umbraco-Festival Deutschland.

You can find Laura on Twitter at @LauroraBorea.

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