Meet the Speakers: Maximilian Vollendorf & Mirko Matytschak

Maximilian Vollendorf & Mirko Matytschak

We are both CEOs at Formfakten.


About Maximilian

Maximilian is an Umbraco Certified Developer, researcher of content management since 1998 and frontend dev who likes to mediate between the worlds of web technology and design. His favourite places are the Bavarian Alps, Odense and, once every year, Frankfurt am Main. And Italy, of course.


About Mirko

Mirko is an Umbraco Certified Developer, has been fascinated with .NET since the very early days and is the developer behind the ultimate object-relational .NET mapping tool (NDO). His nicest business trips lead him to Odense and to Frankfurt am Mainf or the annual Umbraco-Festival Deutschland. 


About Our Session

Umbraco als Content-Hub für Omnichannel-Strategien (Umbraco as a Content-Hub for Omni-Channel Strategies)

This talk takes the discussion of „Blobs vs. Chunks” and tries to use Umbraco as an omni-channel platform – mostly using the grid creatively. We show a proof of concept which allows editors to gather content in a collection (Chunks) which can later be attributed to certain channels.

We don’t want to present an exclusive solution to this during our session, but rather start a discussion with you using examples how we can manage Umbraco content the way content nowadays needs to be managed. We will talk about ways in which Umbraco could prepare itself better in order to become the ideal platform for modern content management. But as you know: If there’s something that doesn’t exist in Umbraco, you can just programme it yourself…


Session Language 


About the author

Laura is not only the marketing manager and content editor at UFD host byte5, but also an integral part of the festival organisation team. She takes care of the speakers, reports on the festival blog and on social media and looks after all organsiation with great attention to detail, so that everything runs smoothly at Umbraco-Festival Deutschland.

You can find Laura on Twitter at @LauroraBorea.

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