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Callum Whyte

Umbraco MVP, developer and UmbraCoffee co-host


About Me

Donut-wrangling Umbraco Master by day, jetsetter by night – I travel every corner of the globe speaking at events and getting to know the community. Organiser of the Umbraco UK Festival and #umbracoBBQ, UmbraCoffee barista, and author of a few packages.


About My Session

Umbraco with Functions and Logic Apps

How can we reap the benefits of 'serverless' technologies, such as Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps, within our Umbraco sites? This session is intended to explain the benefits of converting existing code (think transactional events like sending emails or scheduled tasks) into reliable 'serverless' components, and also show just how easy it is to achieve.

We'll walk through refactoring and integrating parts of our Umbraco site with Azure Functions, then even progress to pulling data from an Umbraco Headless instance for use in external sources. Additionally, we'll take a look at how to build complex application workflows without writing any code using Azure Logic Apps, such as a simple flow for passing media items uploaded in Umbraco to Azure Cognitive Services to perform image recognition.


Session Language


(This session is a lightning talk.)

About the author

Laura is not only the marketing manager and content editor at UFD host byte5, but also an integral part of the festival organisation team. She takes care of the speakers, reports on the festival blog and on social media and looks after all organsiation with great attention to detail, so that everything runs smoothly at Umbraco-Festival Deutschland.

You can find Laura on Twitter at @LauroraBorea.

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