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Benjamin Howarth

Freelance ASP.NET consultant & ASPInsider


About Me

Serial open-source contributor to AutoMapper, Nuget, and Umbraco since 2010, now specialising in high-traffic websites and performance optimisation, along with championing mental health inside the tech community.


About My Session

Performance in the Javascript Era

More than just tips, tricks, metrics and clicks, from code to cloud and back again – performance on the web has gone way beyond "oh just put your CSS in the header and your Javascript in the footer".

More often approached as an afterthought, this primer will cover some essential ground on how to approach measuring website and web app performance, along with some quick wins, through to some more lower-level technical nuances with HTTP2, compression, and header management, and finally putting all our tools together to comprehensively and continuously keep a watchful eye on your performance metrics.

Topic will include ASP.NET and NodeJS samples, and slides & code will be made available on Github well in advance.


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Laura is not only the marketing manager and content editor at UFD host byte5, but also an integral part of the festival organisation team. She takes care of the speakers, reports on the festival blog and on social media and looks after all organsiation with great attention to detail, so that everything runs smoothly at Umbraco-Festival Deutschland.

You can find Laura on Twitter at @LauroraBorea.

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