Meet the Speakers: Ramona de Wit-van Ark

Ramona de Wit-van Ark

Test Lead Database & Mobile at Albert Heijn IT Online


About Me

Ramona is a “busy bee”, who loves to spend time with her family. She also runs her own foundation, she trains and teaches kungfu in her husband’s academy, she is a drummer and she loves to bake, especially cupcakes.. Yummy! In the world of tech, she recently became a speaker and her talks are about testing in an agile world.


About My Session

Testing... anyone can do it, right?

We have slowly but surely switched from the traditional "waterfall" way of working to the agile way of working, or at least a large part of the IT world did so. This transition has ensured that the roles of everyone have a different interpretation, including the role of the tester. Often on the work floor a lot of question rise up when we think of the test role, it’s criticized and even underappreciated, because: Testing... anyone can do it, right?


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