Meet the Speakers... Doug Robar

Doug Robar
Doug will greet everyone with a massive Level-5 Good Morning
Umbraco veteran Doug Robar is not only known as "The Happy Preacher", but also as Umbraco's own photographer. The American is also a lifetime MVP. 


Who are you and what do you have to do with Umbraco?

I'm Douglas Robar and I've been an umbracoholic since 2006 and v2.1.3. I run a one-man company named Percipient Studios in Cambridge, England. I teach the Umbraco Fundamentals course in the UK, take many photos (of Umbraco events worldwide and much else), and am super-interested in being happy at work and in life which is something else Umbraco has helped me with.


How often did you attend Umbraco Festival Germany (formerly known as umbOktoberfest)?

I've been twice. The first was at umbOktoberFest 2014 (photos) and again last year for Umbraco Festival DE 2017 (photos) which was the best festival I've attended in years!


What are your special fields of expertise/interest when it comes to Umbraco?

Teaching. Community. Happiness (at work and in life). 


What topic will your talk be about?

I have the great privilege of launching the festival with a big Level 5 Good Morning and short introductory talk about making the most of the festival and the gathered Umbraco community. We're going to have an amazing time together!


What are three words that come to mind when you think of Umbraco?

Capable. Friendly, Fun.


What is the most special thing about Umbraco community events like UFD?

Where do I start?! I could write so much! But if I did, you might think I was overstating how awesome Umbraco events are. I get that. You won't truly believe it until you've experienced it. You have to be there to actively engage with others in a way that can only be done in person.  

"Oh, but they don't know me, I would be an outsider", I hear you thinking. Well think again. UFD isn't like that. There are no outsiders. Perhaps some people might feel hesitant to say hello, join a conversation, ask a question, or share their knowledge and experience. If that's you, don't worry. You're with friends, even if you don't yet know them! You'll be actively invited to join those conversations, be part of the family, and enjoy the learning, food and fun. 

When Umbraco users gather you can feel the deep delight of people wanting to be together. It's compelling and super-special. And while you might get a small sense of it via social media, Skrift, our.umbraco and other online channels, it isn't until you experience it in person that you truly understand what everyone says: the software is great and the people are even better! I look forward to seeing you at UFD and sharing the day with you! 


About the author


Laura doesn't only support byte5 in everything related to marketing, PR and texts, but is also right in the middle of organising the festival. And with her degree in Scandinavian studies, she is closer to Umbraco than she might think!

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