Meet the Speakers... Dave Woestenborghs

Dave Woestenborghs
Dave will show you the new tour functionality in Umbraco 7.8

Many of you might know Dave Woestenborghs as an active member on Our as well as for his articles on 24 Days or Skrift. The senior dev and MVP is enthusiastic about developing packages.


Who are you and what do you have to do with Umbraco?

My name is Dave Woestenborghs. I’m come from a small village in Belgium about 50km from Aachen. I use Umbraco daily in my job at Colours ( in ‘s Hertogenbosch (Netherlands). I am an Umbraco MVP and Package award winner.


How often did you attend Umbraco Festival Germany (formerly known as umbOktoberfest)?

This will be the first time.


What are your special fields of expertise/interest when it comes to Umbraco?

Lately, I’ve been doing more package development and core contribution. In the past, I was a very active forum user (still am, by the way). But my interest shifted to improving the CMS with extra functionality that makes the life of an editor easier.


What topic will your talk be about?

My talk will be titled "A Tour of the Tour". In this talk, I will guide you through the new tour functionality in Umbraco 7.8 and show you how to get the most out of it.


What are three words that come to mind when you think of Umbraco?

Flexible, editor friendly and community


What is the most special thing about Umbraco community events like UFD?

Going to Umbraco festival feels like going to a class reunion. You catch up with old friends but also make new ones. Every time I come back from a festival, I’m fuelled with ideas. Most of the time, they come from talking to people outside of the sessions.


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