Meet the Speakers… Mads Rasmussen

Mads will give his talk with Rune Strand, they will be talking about Headless Umbraco on Umbraco Cloud

This time in our Meet the Speakers series, Mads Rasmussen from Umbraco Headquarter introduces himself. Just like at the past two festivals, Mads will join forces with Rune Strand for his session.


Who are you and what do you have to do with Umbraco?

My name is Mads Rasmussen and I work as a frontend developer at Umbraco HQ. My primary job at Umbraco is to make the Umbraco products as easy to use as possible and to keep our frontend code easy to read, write and use.


How often did you attend Umbraco Festival Germany (formerly known as umbOktoberfest)?

Before this year, I have had the pleasure of participating in Umbraco Festival Germany two times before: in 2015, when it was still called umbOktoberfest, and in 2017 – the first year of Umbraco Festival Germany. Both years I participated as a speaker and had a blast both times.


What are your special fields of expertise/interest when it comes to Umbraco?

My big interest is the overall user experience in the Umbraco products: first and foremost, the editing experience within Umbraco CMS. One of the things I love about Umbraco as a product is the user experience has many aspects and is not only centered around the user interface. Because of its ease to extend and its flexibility, the user experience covers everything from the content editor editing their first node to the API’s and documentation for the experienced developer extending the back office with custom sections and components.


What topic will your talk be about?

Again, this year I have the pleasure of doing a talk with Mr Rune Strand! As we are not doing the keynote this year, we had to come up with something else: Headless is all the buzz these days and the Umbraco D-Team is working on an easy way to get started with Umbraco as a Headless CMS on Umbraco Cloud. We want to have a first look at what we can expect from a Headless Umbraco project on Umbraco Cloud.


What are three words that come to mind when you think of Umbraco?

Flexibility, Simplicity, Friendly


What is the most special thing about Umbraco community events like UFD?

I am proud to say that I still haven’t been at an Umbraco Festival where I haven’t learned something new and at the same time had an amazing time. When you combine the expertise and friendly mindset the Umbraco community offers both experienced Umbraco users and newcomers, you have the best chances to get the most out of an Umbraco festival.

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Laura doesn't only support byte5 in everything related to marketing, PR and texts, but is also right in the middle of organising the festival. And with her degree in Scandinavian studies, she is closer to Umbraco than she might think!

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