Meet the Speakers… Carole Rennie Logan

Carole Rennie Logan
Carole will be talking about how to best maintain your Umbraco project

Carole Rennie Logan is a developer at Scottish digital agency Equator and also a STEM ambassador. In her session, she will talk about how to best take care of your Umbraco project while adding interesting features.


Who are you and what do you have to do with Umbraco?

Hello, I am Carole! I am a developer at Equator, a digital agency in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been using Umbraco for about 4 years since switching to the .Net stack from Java.

I also organise the Umbraco meetup in Glasgow as I like to learn and share knowledge with the local development community. If you are ever visiting Scotland, come along!


How often did you attend Umbraco Festival Germany (formerly known as umbOktoberfest)?

I have never attended Umbraco Festival Germany before, I studied German when I was younger but never managed to visit, so this is the perfect excuse! Having been to Codegarden and the UK festival I am sure it will have the friendly and welcoming atmosphere all Umbraco events do, I am really looking forward to it!


What are your special fields of expertise/interest when it comes to Umbraco?

Most of the sites I have worked on since being at Equator have been in the hotel sector integrating with various 3rd party systems as well as Umbraco.

In recent years I have found an interest in IOT and linking these devices with the CMS to allow us to manage the customer experience via Umbraco like we can on websites.


What topic will your talk be about?

I will be discussing a project I have worked on for 2 years showing the lifecycle of a project after it goes live rather than the initial project build. Basically, I will be discussing that go live is just day 1 of a site’s life and I want to show the decisions and challenges of maintaining a project while adding some innovative features… all using Umbraco of course.


What are three words that come to mind when you think of Umbraco?

Friendly, Community, Flexible


What is the most special thing about Umbraco community events like UFD?

There is always such a welcoming, friendly atmosphere at Umbraco events. I remember being terrified going to my first Codegarden since I didn’t know anyone, but straight away people were quick to welcome newbies to the group. Now I have friends around the world I would never have met if I didn’t go to that first conference!  Tip: follow #umbraco on twitter ahead of the event and get tweeting, this will mean you know a few people before you arrive!

About the author

Laura is not only the marketing manager and content editor at UFD host byte5, but also an integral part of the festival organisation team. She takes care of the speakers, reports on the festival blog and on social media and looks after all organsiation with great attention to detail, so that everything runs smoothly at Umbraco-Festival Deutschland.

You can find Laura on Twitter at @LauroraBorea.

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