Martin Sandvad is the CCO of Ucommerce and while he is not a dev, he certainly is a full-blown Umbracian. At UFD, Martin teams up with Jens Josefsson – in their session, content teams up with commerce.

Jeavon Leopold is an avid core contributor who has gathered several MVP's in his shelf since he first started working with Umbraco eleven years ago. The technical director of British full service creative agency Crumpled Dog will be talking about responsive images for websites in his UFD session.

As the founder and namesake of Danish networking expert group, J. Boye, Janus Boye is all about knowledge sharing and networking. It's hardly a surprise, Janus will be sharing his knowledge on the future of CMS's with the Umbraco community at UFD.

As the headquarter's first evern intern, Rune Strand made Umbraco history. Today the Dane is a Coach & Cloud Counselor at HQ. After having been keynote speaker at the German Umbraco festival twice, Rune has some new plans for this year.

Introducing Markus Johansson! At UFD18, the Swedish entrepreneur will talk about Umbraco Forms and how to use it with the package he built, Newsletter Studio.

With his article for 24 Days in Umbraco, Dennis Zille took the international Umbraco stage last year. At UFD18, the byte5 dev will take the stage with colleague Marcel Wege.

Marcin Zajkowski is not only the organiser of UFD's sister event, the Umbraco Poland Festival, but also a Certified Master and Umbraco Trainer at The Cogworks.

Marcel Wege is a German Umbraco trainer, CodeCabin guest and core contributor. He's also a team leader and project manager at byte5. Marcel will be giving two sessions, sharing the stage with his colleagues Dennis and Sören.

Umbraco veteran Doug Robar is not only known as "The Happy Preacher", but also as Umbraco's own photographer. The American is also a lifetime MVP. 

Let us introduce you to one of our own: byte5 CPO, project manager and Umbraco trainer Sören Deger!

Umbraco-Festival Deutschland

The German Umbraco festival has been around since 2012.

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