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Given the current situation, we have decided not to host the German Umbraco festival this year. Here's everything you need to know.

"There's lots going on!": On 5 April 2019, Umbraco-Festival Deutschland returned with an abundance of insightful sessions, many highlights for attendees and – of course – the legendary Umbraco spirit.

While Poornima has been working with Umbraco for eight years, she is relatively new to the community side of it. At UFD19, she will be giving her very first session in which she will talk about why it is so integral to be active in the Umbraco community.

Damiaan likes doing magic – both in his free time as well as when it comes to developing great Umbraco solutions. At UFD19, the MVP will show us how we can do magic in our Umbraco projects.

Ramona de Wit-van Ark is new to the world of speaking, but is super experienced with testing. At UFD19, she will ask us: Testing... anyone can do it, right?

Marcin is a second-time UFD speaker and fellow organisor of Umbraco festivals. Most of you know him as one of your servers of UmbraCoffee – no surprise, Marcin and Callum will stream live from Umbraco-Festival Deutschland.

Henk is not only an AI junkie, but also a second-time Umbraco-Festival Deutschland speaker. Just like last year, his session will deal with artificial intelligence and Umbraco – and this time even with unicorns.

Award-winning Pete Duncanson famously said: "Once an Umbraco Award winner, always an Umbraco Award winner!" Besides this quote, Pete is known for several things, including speaking at many conferences – now he's joining us as a speaker UFD19.

Eleftheria hails from Greece and will talk about the ways you can continue to learn new things even though you feel like you have no time to do it.

Mirko Matytschak and Maximilian Vollendorf are veterans in the world of CMS. They have attended the German Umbraco festival several times; now they are joining us once more as speakers – with their session "Umbraco as a Content Hub for Omni-Channel Strategies".

Umbraco-Festival Deutschland

The German Umbraco festival has been around since 2012.

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