Fun New Way to Capture your Festival Memories


A few weeks ago we announced our plan for this year's festival photo bingo and already got some pretty amazing reactions from the community. Now we're keeping our promise to tell you more about the concept and even used the fact that spring has come to Frankfurt to show you a couple of ideas what your pictures could look like. 

Isn't it a pity that conferences and workshops hardly ever leave time to enjoy your time in a city you haven't visited before? At least that's how we usually feel, when a visit is over and there was hardly any time to bring home memories. And such great memories we've got from events like Codegarden, UKfest and of course umbOktoberfest over the last years.

So what will be the challenge of this year's festival bingo? 

We've got a Bingo board for you from which you pick your 4 favourite motives in a row and post pictures of you doing exactly what the Bingo board says. Get some coffee to wake up, find something orange for old time's sake or wear your festival pictures. To show the community how much fun you're having you post the pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #UmbracoFestivalDE. 

Wanna know more about the tasks? Check out our Bingo page right here!

In the end your personal bingo row might look like this...

Or this... 

Or even this... 

We're looking forward to seeing your results!

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